WIP Wednesday + Yarn Along | July 1

I've been enjoying sharing pictures of my current knitting projects every Wednesday. It's fun to link up with Ginny's Yarn Along and see what everyone else is working on.

Now that I'm basically free for the summer, I have a lot more knitting time. I have quite a few projects going right now, which is unlike me. Usually I'm a monogamous knitter. One project and a portable sock project. So technically two projects, but socks don't really count. Anyway, I only had Courtney's sweater on the needles when my LYS started a knit along for Melodia, so of course I had to join that. Then I was bitten by the shawl bug and had to cast on for a couple more shawls. Specifically, Tales from the Isle of Purbeck (which I bought yarn for, oops!) and a Boneyard with some special alpaca yarn I've been hoarding.

I've finished Melodia and the Purbeck shawl, so I had one shawl and a sweater on the needles. Then my LYS started another KAL for Laylow. So I joined that! It sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm not. I love walking to the LYS with Courtney and knitting and chatting with other knitters while surrounded by pretty yarn.

At first I wasn't so excited to knit Laylow because I'm not a fan of dropped stitches. I really wanted to knit with the group, so I decided to leave out the dropped stitches in the center panel and only knit the dropped stitches (that was weird to type, haha) in the border. But when I saw the first row of dropped stitches in Courtney's shawl, they grew on me and I decided to add them in after all. Because I added them in last minute and after I had already begun knitting the shawl, I am adding extra rows between each row of dropped stitches. If I were to do it over, I'd knit them a little closer together, but what can you do?

As of now the plan is to knit until I run out of the main color and then add a simple garter stitch border without the called for dropped stitches.

In the last couple of days I've been really motivated to finish Courtney's sweater and I've decided that it needs to be done before I leave for California.

It's a Grandpa Cardigan. Unfortunately it's covered in cables which makes it time consuming to knit, but in the end it will be worth it. I finished the first sleeve yesterday and rewarded myself with knitting the collar before the second sleeve. I'm not looking forward to doing a tubular bind off on almost 300 stitches, but it's better than knitting the sleeves.

What are you working on this week?

// Lauren


  1. That is going to be a beautiful sweater and totally worth all that time!

  2. The sweater is stunning. I used to be a monogamous knitter, but now I have 5 projects on the needles with 3 that I'm dying to start!