Koigu + Plucky Knitter Triangle Shawl

I was able to finish up my Koigu and Plucky Knitter Triangle Shawl awhile back, but I lagged on getting some finished shots of it. With a tiny apartment and no yard, photo shoots have to be planned, so I like to accumulate a few things before heading outside to find a suitable back drop. Plus, Courtney needs to be available to man the camera.

Anyway, this shawl made a couple of appearances in my WIP Wednesday + Yarn Along posts as I was making it. It was a really fun and most importantly, simple knit. I saw something similar in my LYS, asked a few questions and jumped in. Basically, you start with a few stitches, increase until half your yarn is gone, then start decreasing. Plus I added an i-cord edge. There are basic instructions for how I made it here, but if you'd like a real pattern, here's the one from my LYS. 

As I wrote before, the plan was to knit until I finished one skein of the Koigu, since it had less than half the yardage of the Plucky. However, the Plucky skein was a One Hit Wonder, meaning it wasn't labeled with a base when I bought it. I went around touching different things in the Plucky Knitter booth at Stitches West to figure out what it was. I'm pretty sure it is Primo Fingering, so I went off the listed yardage on Ravelry. Imagine my surprise when I run out of yarn a few inches from the end...I think the yardage was definitely off in this skein. It was a One Hit Wonder, so no harm no foul. I had to finish up the decreases with a different yarn. I chose a similar weight grey sock yarn, KnitPicks Stroll to be exact.

It turned out to be kind of a weird size, but definitely still wearable. I like how the solid Plucky (and eventually the KnitPicks Stroll) calmed down the variegated Koigu. All in all I'm happy with the project and can't wait to wear it come fall. 

Pattern // Made up recipe, but Drea's Shawl is close
Yarn // Koigu KPPM | Plucky Knitter One Hit Wonder | Knit Picks Stroll
Needles //  Size 4 DyakCraft Rosewood Needles
Ravelry Notes // Here

// Lauren

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  1. This shawl is not the same one on Ravelry!
    I like this one more because of the direction of its rows.
    The rows here are vertical to the shawl base (the longest edge).
    I wanted to know how did you do it :)