About Me

22 things about me...

1. I like to knit...mostly socks. I taught myself.
2. I occasionally like to sew.
3. Sometimes I run. I have eight half marathons, 1 marathon, and 1 50 mile ultra marathon under my belt. 
4. I just graduated college with a BS in Sociology. One of my favorite parts of campus was trying to befriend squirrels, but they just ran away.
5.  I hate using ballpoint pens.
6. I love alpacas and sheep. 
7. I'm vegan, but don't worry, I don't care what you eat.
8. I collect vintage Pyrex.
9. I do not like ladybugs. They freak me out. Although I have parked my red car on the lawn and told people it's a giant ladybug.
10. I took a year off during high school and did what I wanted. Totally recommend it.
11. Eleven is my favorite number .
12. I think dogs > cats.
13. I love eating ice, but only after it's gotten soft in a drink. Yes, I know it's bad for my teeth.
14. I love the color green.
15. I hate eggplant and mushrooms, and ginger, but love love love pepper on my food.
16. I have horrible eyesight. I've worn glasses since seventh grade.
17. I'm pretty cheap unless it's yarn, food, or craft stuff.
18. People think my best friend and I are twins. We aren't related.
19. I never carry cash because I hate going to the bank.
20. I'm really good at taking blood pressure and I have amazingly low blood pressure.
21. I took my first dance class in college and a substitute professor asked me if I had cerebral palsy. yeah, he was a jerk.
22. I love drinking carbonated water, but only the unsweetened kind.
23. I love California and never fully appreciated it until I left.
24. I'm currently pursuing a Master of Public Health degree. 

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