May 2015 | Recap

I was really excited for May, because I knew that if I could get through May, I would make it through my first year of grad school!

I had big plans for MeMadeMay. I started the month off strong, but my enthusiasm trailed off once I realized I'd be wearing a lot of the same things over and over. I have a list of garments I want to make for myself, so next year it will be easier. It's still fun to look at the hashtags on Instagram and get ideas.

I ran my fastest half marathon ever and my first since June 2014. It just happened to be on the same day as the Parkway Half Marathon, so I was running in solidarity!

My mom sent me more Target stationery goodies!

We went to a craft fair and while there were lots of goodies I wanted to purchase, I restrained myself and stuck with some soap and an affordable brass ring. Funnily, the lady I bought the soap from was also from Sacramento.

On our way home we stopped at The Franklin Fountain, an old-time-y soda fountain / ice cream shop. It opened in 2006, so it's not truly authentic, but they offer vegan ice cream so I'm on-board with the theme! It's cramped, hot, and cash only, but the ice cream makes up for it. I tried the vegan strawberry ice cream and Courtney tried the coconut...both were delicious.

Courtney found a cemetery with a running trail around the perimeter and after running there a few times we decided it would be a great place to take pictures of our recently finished creations. So one Friday we spent a couple of hours photographing everything...hence the recent revival of the blog.

Running was going well, distance and pace wise until I ate it. On our 17.5 mile run, I fell on a gravel path and scraped up my hand, elbow, and knee. Since we still had 2 miles to go, I got back up and kept running. I was all dirty and blood was dripping down my leg, but I finished.

The next day we visited Loop for a knit along cast-on party. On the way there we stopped at Rita's for a treat, then headed to Whole Foods to pick up gift certificates we (both!) won in an Instagram giveaway. As we back tracked to Loop we decided to stop at Sweet Freedom Bakery for more treats. I was super impressed with their gluten and allergen-free baked goods. Anyway, once at Loop we dived into the pattern. We are knitting Melodia, an easy garter stitch crescent shaped shawl.

The next long run after my fall was hard. I'd half-assed my stretching all week and hadn't really rolled since my knee was still gross (and tender). I was super tired and didn't want to get up and run so I dragged my feet getting ready. Once I got out there and got a few miles out of the way it got better. But after 12 or so miles, I really started to feel it. My legs tightened up and my hips hurt so bad. My stomach wasn't cooperating so I wasn't fueling properly. Things got worse and worse until 2 miles from the end I was seriously questioning if I could make it. We slowed down a bit, but I finished. I was so proud of this run. It was tough, but we finished with a solid pace of 10:16 min/mile...the same as last week.

After the run I thought I deserved a treat. I made the executive decision to go out to dinner that night since my mom had given me some extra money and told me to celebrate her birthday for her. We settled on Manakeesh, a Mediterranean place within walking distance. It was good, but the staff was kind of unprofessional. I'm glad we tried it, but I doubt I'd return. I know I can find better falafel and hummus elsewhere.

Less than two weeks after my last fall, I fell on (or rather off) the treadmill. I was at the gym with Courtney and we were running several treadmills apart since my watch LOVES to read her sensor. I suspected my watch was reading her sensor when my pace was right around 8:30 min / mile, so I stepped on the side rails of the treadmill to double check. Sure enough, the distance on my watch kept rising so I stepped off the treadmill to stop my watch and reconnect the shoe pod away from Courtney. I got it all linked up and came back to my treadmill. I stepped on the belt, assuming it had stopped when I was gone....only it hadn't. Since I had stepped on with my left leg, my right knee hit the belt hard, ripping off my scab plus additional skin. I then shot off the thing with my back landing on the leg of a nearby recumbent bike. I looked like a rollie pollie on its back...my legs and arms were flailing in the air. My first thought was to put my legs down since I was wearing shorts.

Since I always drop my (old) phone (used for podcasts) when I'm running, Courtney thought the loud thump was just me dropping my phone again. She saw the guy next to her look over, but he was blocking her view, so she thought he was just being a look-y loo. While the fitness floor attendants made sure I was okay and offered me bandaids, water, etc., Courtney just ran on! I thought she just didn't want to embarrass me with more people, so I actually had to go up to her and tell her what happened. Needless to say, I didn't finish my run that day.

I guess it was just one of those days and I wasn't paying attention. Honestly it was more embarrassing than anything, but I felt the effects for a few days.

I joined the Tales of Purbeck MKAL. While I bought the pattern and yarn on the 20th, the day the first clue came out, but the yarn didn't arrive until the 27th, the day of the second clue. So I had two clues to work on! I had both clues finished by Friday. It's a fun knit so far!

I had a job interview, but I don't find out about the job for about two weeks.

Goodbye May, hello June! 

// Lauren

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