June Goals | 2015

I've been slacking on my monthly goals. I never recapped how I did in March and didn't even bother making goals in April and May. I had a lot on my plate with school and running, so they kind of fell to the side. School is easing up and I'm more motivated to blog, so I have big plans for June!

//  Craftiness  //
  • Finish my Melodia shawl - This is a knit along with an opportunity for a prize, so it WILL get done.
  • Finish my Tales from the Isle of Purbeck MKAL (again, another knit along).
  • Finish Courtney's sweater - I've been saying I'm going to finish it for months, so I just need to jump back in and get it done.
  • Sew 3 garments - I have two cut out, so I'm on my way!

//  Fitness   //
  • Not miss a run in June! Which really means don't miss runs unnecessarily.
  • Add strength training to my routine - I work AT the gym, this shouldn't be so hard!

//  Life  //
  • Keep the blog updated. I've enjoyed coming up with new post ideas, taking pictures, and writing about my life.
  • Keep using my big camera a lot

I'm hoping for a productive month!

// Lauren 

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