Purl Bee Classic Mittens

When I stumbled across the Classic Mittens pattern on Ravelry, I fell in love with the faux-ribbed cuffs and knew I had to make them. Also, I was intrigued by the thumb construction. Plus, I had lots of single skeins of worsted weight yarn so this seemed like a great project to make a dent in my stash. Although I will say that this pair used very little yarn.

The overall construction is pretty clever. You cast on provisionally and then knit twice the length you'd like the cuff to be, fold in half, and knit both sides together. I loved the 'fake thrums' in this project and decided to copy them. They look like little hearts!

I like a nice tight gauge, so I knit a size small on size 4 needles. They ended up a bit short for me, so a gift they shall become!

Although I finished them just as the weather started to warm up, they will be a good addition to the pile of gifts I'm stockpiling for Christmas.

Pattern // Classic Mittens [with added fake thrums]
Yarn // Random worsted weight scraps
Needles //  Size 4 [DyakCraft Darn Pretties in Rosewood]
Ravelry Notes // Here

// Lauren

P.S. Thank you Courtney for being a hand model!

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