March Goals | 2015

January's goals were pretty much a bust, although I did manage to stick with my running schedule...as long as you don't count the week that I was sick. Also, I sort of stayed on budget. I gave myself a little leeway because of an unexpected medical bill...from being sick. I guess that's my excuse for everything!

February's goals didn't even get a post. That's okay though, I wasn't very successful anyway.

Here's to big plans for March! I should accomplish at least a few of these things since I get a week off from school during the middle of the month.

// Make a laptop sleeve for my computer. I've been using Courtney's old one and it's a bit too big for my computer.
// Finish the binding on the quilt. I'm halfway done!
// Finish the body on C's sweater.

// Add strength training to my workout schedule.
// Keep up with my running schedule and (hopefully) get faster!

Life Stuff
// Get A's in all my classes...which just means don't get lazy at the end of the quarter.

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