February 2015 | Recap

Although February is the shortest month, I jammed a lot in! 

Courtney and I celebrated / watched the Superbowl with vegan nachos. Since we don't have cable, we streamed it online and missed most of the commercials, but the nachos made up for it.

I decided to participate in a mini skein swap on Ravelry. I got to work dividing my 100g skein into 10 10g skeins. It was a disaster as my cheap scale was not very accurate and I ended up with 13 skeins. I decided to use the hacked up skein in a two-color linen stitch cowl.

Became addicted to sweet potatoes due to Courtney's delicious dinners.

Worked on getting faster during my mid week runs.

Surprise...I ate a lot of salad. Cashew cheese sauce/dressing has changed my attitude about salad.

Visited IKEA and bought stationery goodies and frames for an art wall. I hope IKEA continues to carry paper goods. They have fun stuff that's reasonably priced and easy to find (unlike Target Dollar Spot stuff).

My mom surprised me and sent me lots of Target Dollar Sport goodies! Don't worry, I shared with Courtney.

Made a trip to the ER with Courtney.

Celebrated Chinese New Year at Su Xing House! Read about it, here.

Saw the Schykill River freeze over. I told Courtney's mom that we were going ice skating on the river, thinking she would realize it was a joke. Soon Courtney's family was asking her how ice skating was.

Because we couldn't go to Stitches West, we decided to visit Loop. Courtney needed yarn to knit me a cowl (!) and I got sucked into buying yarn to make a hat. Darn you, shop samples!

Ate a lot of pizza! Cashew cheese is my new favorite.

Finally finished up my mini skeins. I had to measure the entire skein using a 12 x 12 quilting ruler, then divide it into 10 even skeins. It was time consuming. Next time, I'm getting a new scale. This one was highly recommended.

I had an Epidemiology midterm and kept reminding myself to not forget my calculator. I even told Courtney to remind me. Needless to say, on test day I forgot my calculator. I arrived to class 20 minutes early and was doing some last minute studying when I heard someone freak out that they had forgotten their calculator. I immediately realized I had done the same thing. With 15 minutes before class I texted Courtney and then frantically called her. She ran my calculator to me just in the nick of time. Seriously funny post about it, here

Ran my first 10 miles since January 1st. It was 28 degrees, so pretty dang cold, but we were within a couple seconds of our goal race pace.

Goodbye February, hello March!

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