January 2015 | Recap

What happened in January?


I got sick and missed the first week of marathon training, but Courtney made me homemade no-chicken noodle soup with homemade whole wheat bread.

My new sewing machine arrived. It's a Janome 2030 DC and I love it!

Courtney and I went to Hub Bub and tried Dottie's Donuts...yum! The latte was better than Starbucks, but the cafe was crowded and hipster-ish.

Made spicy cashew dressing...new favorite salad dressing.

I worked on Courtney's sweater. This is 'concentration knitting'. The charts are easy to memorize, but keeping track of three at a time adds a bit of difficulty.

Tried the new Green Line Cafe. More low key and better stocked with donuts than Hub Bub.

Bought some fun new planner goodies. Can I just say how much I love those Staedtler pens?

I finally caved and bought a Patagonia Better Sweater...it was on clearance. Score!

Made a Linden Sweatshirt, Scout Tee, and Tiny Pocket Tank (minus the pocket). Post coming soon!

Had fun decorating my planner.

Goodbye January, hello February! 

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