August 2014 | Recap

August was the calm before the storm. There's been a lot of fun, but also a lot of prep for the big move!

There was lots of card playing. My mom, Kevin, Courtney, and I like to play Pounce (aka Nertz) and 13. Things get pretty competitive.

Courtney worked on Lamby's scarf. :) It's made from scraps of yarn leftover from other projects. 

I did bind offs on any socks that needed it and wove in the ends. Then I washed them. I must admit that I love washing socks (or any other knits) by hand.

Courtney and I went to Ikea to pick out desks and desk chairs for out apartment in Philadelphia. We bought them in California so we could pack them in the Ubox and not have to worry about getting to Ikea in Philadelphia.

I was introduced to nail stamping and it became an obsession. I use MoYou London nail stamping plates (love their designs) and regular nail polish. 

Although MoYou London is based in the UK, their shipping is extremely fast. I ordered on a Thursday and received it the next Monday.

We loaded up the Uboxes. It was a long day. We rented a truck near my Dad's house, loaded up stuff from my Dad's house, loaded up stuff from my Mom's house, unloaded the truck at Uhaul into the Uboxes. 

Thankfully Kevin was there. He was a pro at figuring out how to pack everything efficiently!

Made vegan pad thai.

I finished my Crossbones cowl. Love the deep red of MadTosh Tart.

Goodbye August, hello September!

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