July 2014 | Recap

July was a pretty fun month. I had time for hobbies AND I started running again. Just take away the heat and my car accident and it would have been perfect. 

Since the garden at my mom's is producing cucumbers like crazy, I made more refrigerator dill pickles. I couldn't find the recipe I used last year, so I hope these taste alright.

We had a graduation party for Kevin at my mom's house. That was a lot of prep work...cleaning, cooking, and baking for days.

I decided that I wanted to try knitting socks on double pointed needles, or DPNs. I ordered some Dyakcraft needles and cast on Kalajoki.

I've been knitting like crazy. Mostly socks, but I've made a headband to cover my ears this winter and a couple of Sinkmates dishcloths.

We ate lots of goodies from the garden. Home grown tomatoes are the best!

I made Rice Krispies Treats, but with off brand cereal and vegan marshmallows. So good!

Courtney and I went to see Mary Poppins. No Music Circus performance is complete without a Merlino's freeze.

We've stopped at Doughbot for vegan donuts before the Farmer's Market twice this month after learning that they will be closing in August.I've always loved how they fold their boxes inside out so that the pink is on the inside.

Still enjoying Friday pizza nights, but now with goodies (squash, basil, tomatoes) from the garden.

The only car I've ever had might be a goner. The insurance adjuster told them to tear it down so it hasn't been totaled quite yet. I'm crossing my fingers! I want my car back.

I was driving down a narrow two lane highway when the crane truck in front of me moved over and went off the road and ripped off the guardrail (he said another semi crossed the yellow line, but I didn't see that). There was a dust cloud and then a six foot length of guardrail slammed into my car putting a huge dent in the hood, breaking off the passenger side mirror, and scratching everything up.

I'm just glad that I didn't have time to react. If I would have swerved left I would have gone into oncoming traffic and if I swerved right I would have ended up in a ditch full of water.

Courtney bought me a couple of packages of fiber animal themed Nanoblocks. I have the Alpaca and Sheep. Kevin helped me put together the sheep and then made a lamb from the leftover pieces from both sets.

 Goodbye July, hello August!

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