June 2014 | Recap

June was the busiest month yet.

The lease was up on my apartment, so I moved back in with my mom and Dan until I leave for school in September. Moving is always such a hassle, but especially so in an apartment with stairs. We couldn't figure out how we got our couch into the apartment, so we had to 'disassemble' it to get it out. My mom had way too much fun with that.

The day after we moved, my mom Courtney and I ran the Women's Fitness Festival Half Marathon. Because I hadn't been training, I told Courtney that she didn't have to stick with my mom and I the whole race. She took off after the first 5 minutes and we never saw her again. I did not enjoy this race at all. I wasn't properly trained and it was beyond hot, so my time was not great.

Two days after the half marathon, we drove up to Portland. Where I drank lots of Dutch Brothers and did some yarn-y shopping. More about my trip here.

 Kevin graduated from Oregon State.

Courtney found and bought me Reese's Oreos.

While Courtney was in Las Vegas, my mom and I went up to Auburn to watch the winners of the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run finish. The winner finished in under 15 hours, only the second man to do so. To put things in perspective, I finished my 50 mile race as a back of the pack runner in twelve and a half hours.

I received my 2.00mm DPNs from Dyakcraft. They are so pretty!

Courtney brought back fancy chocolate from Las Vegas for me!

Goodbye June, hello July!

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