We moved on Saturday, ran a half marathon on Sunday, and drove up to Oregon on Tuesday. We decided to spend some time in Portland before heading down to Corvallis for Kevin's graduation from Oregon State University.

We spent a few days eating, shopping, and exploring Portland.

// Since Courtney was in the car, our first stop was obviously Native Foods Cafe in Tigard for a Chickn Ranch Burger.

// We tried Veggie Grill.

// Bought a Portland mug from the 'You are Here' Collection.

// Went yarn shopping at For Yarn's Sake and Twisted.

// Ate a donut from BlueStar Donuts. Eh. 

// Ate excellent vegan french toast at Paradox Cafe.

// Took a walk in Tryon State Park.

// Saw The Fault in Our Stars. Courtney cannot ever pick a movie again.

// Went to Native Foods Cafe again.

// Introduced Dan to Slappy Cakes.

// Then it was off to Corvallis for Kevin's graduation. 

[I forgot my camera at home so there are no pictures.]

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