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Happy birthday to me!

Since my parents were here the week before my birthday, I received some fun (and useful) gifts a bit early. My dad bought me the warmest Bean Boots that L.L.Bean makes...I love them! They are perfect for wearing with my hand knit socks. My mom gave me some money to buy something I needed or wanted, but then ended up surprising me by sending a Jo Malone gift certificate to buy some perfume. Courtney's parents bought me a nice, warm winter coat!

The week leading up to my birthday was also my first week of grad school, so I didn't have much time to dwell on my upcoming birthday.

Although I quickly got in the birthday spirit with all of the goodies that showed up in the mail a couple of days before my birthday. I love getting mail! On Thursday I came home to quite a few birthday packages and cards. There was some fun money; Lush goodies and a sparkle-y gold Sweaty Band; and some Punky Jane goodies!

While I was in class on Thursday, Courtney made me a vegan 'funfetti' cake but didn't let me see it until Friday morning, my actual birthday. I was so excited I ate some for breakfast!

Since I got to choose everything that we did that day, I wanted to go to Reading Terminal for one of the best pretzels in the world. I also ended up getting a bit of Indian food because the carb load on my tummy was too much.

We then walked around Center City and Rittenhouse Square window shopping. I wanted to see what shopping options we had in Philadelphia. I was excited to see a few favorites (Gap and Lush) and some new to me shops (Madewell and City Sports).

Since we were in the area and it was my birthday, we visited two local yarn shops, Rosie's Yarn Cellar and Loop. While I didn't find anything I had to have at Rosie's, Courtney bought me a skein of birthday yarn at Loop. It's MadelineTosh Merino Light in 'Holi Festival'. It's so speckle-y and colorful...it matched my cake!

Courtney also got me a Lamby themed birthday card and a pair of Ugg boots, which I've had since we ran the Hot Chocolate 15K in January!

We had a late lunch at Blackbird Pizza. We had the special, chili cheese fries and a large Haymaker pizza. SO GOOD!

When we got back to the apartment, I had another piece of cake and did a little knitting (first time in over 2 weeks).

Until next year!

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