Running Update

Waaaaay back in January, at the beginning of the year, I decided that I needed to get back in shape. Since I had no desire to join an adult soccer league or swim team, running it was. Let me just say that I hate running, but it's such great exercise and the cute workout clothes aren't half bad either!

Since Courtney and my mom were both interested in getting back into running, we joined the next session of training with a local running group. After a few weeks of running with the group, I realized that I would stay motivated if I had a concrete goal to meet. Motivation is very important when you have to get out of bed at 5:30 AM on a cold cold cold November morning. So I signed up for the California International Marathon.

I've been training with the group since June, and while I'd run half marathons before joining, this past Saturday I ran the farthest I've ever ran in one go. I ran 14 miles....FOURTEEN MILES! And it felt good. I felt like I could have ran more. Although I didn't get any of my midweek runs in, finishing my test and the resulting lack of stress really helped me out.

I was excited to reach that milestone and I've been motivated to get my midweeks in. Tonight I ran a very fast (for me) 5 miles. The possibility of getting faster and stronger keeps me going. Well that, and the fact that I have to keep up with Courtney.

I'm running another half marathon this Sunday and I'm hoping for a personal best. Wish me luck!

- Lauren

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