23 before 24

Since today (well technically yesterday by the time this is published) is my birthday, I thought it would be fun to come up with 23 things or 'goals' to do this year before I turn 24.

1:: Get into grad school and move somewhere new. I just took the GRE, so I'm part way there...right?

2:: Run a full marathon. I'm training for the California International Marathon right now.

3:: Beat my mom's half marathon time. Pretty embarrassing that after three, I can't beat her FIRST half marathon time.

4:: Knit a sweater that I love. It's easy to knit a sweater; it's much harder to knit one that looks good and fits.

5:: Participate in a craft fair. I think it sounds fun!

6:: Visit Apple Hill and can applesauce. After a summer full of canning jam, peaches, tomatoes, and pickles, I'd love to make some homemade applesauce.

7:: Finish my first quilt. I just need to hand sew the binding, so a year should be plenty of time right?

8:: See Wicked. Good thing it's coming next summer!

9:: Read the entire Harry Potter series again AND watch all the movies. A week before the last movie came out, I decided I wanted to read all the books before I saw the movie, so I did. 7 books in a week, it can be done.

10:: Chronicle life and crafty stuff through this blog. Basically...post more.

11:: Go camping. I find campfires and sleeping in a tent pretty dang relaxing! 

12:: Sew some kind of wearable item.

13:: Knit down my yarn stash to one box. Painful, but it means I can buy more yarn at Stitches West.

14:: Start swimming again. Coupled with running, should be a winning combination. The nice arms don't hurt.

15:: Make a (detailed) family tree to hang on my wall.

16:: Have a mostly handmade Christmas. Making gifts is fun!

17:: Visit the snow and go tubing!

18:: Read more. I just got a Kindle Paperwhite, so any book recommendations?

19:: Create my own truly personalized planner. As an office supply loving nerd, this sounds like heaven.

20:: Buy and hang up more art. Etsy is full of fun pieces.

21:: Use my loom to weave a scarf. I have it all warped and about 6 inches done, but it's slow going and my loom isn't the best. I have high hopes though!

22:: Since I'm becoming a grown-up (not by choice)...make/buy/acquire a grown up purse. I'm kinda partial to this one.

23:: Knit one truly spectacular item and enter in the State Fair. I'm thinking Celestarium by Audry Nicklin.

- Lauren

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