November Goals | How did it go?

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// Finish my Grace Cardigan - Still haven't truly finished it because it needs buttons, but I can still technically wear it.

// Knit a Hutchin hat - Yup! I love it! So does my mom, so she's getting one for Christmas. [At the end of December, I'd knit two. ]

// Start Courtney's Christmas sweater [Grandpa Cardigan by Joji Locatelli] - Nope. I was so busy while in California that the sweater got pushed to the back burner in December as well.

Other craftiness

// Start Christmas gifts - Sort of. I had everything planned and supplies bought in November. Although I did have quite a few things finished before I flew home on the 12th.

// Sew a bag for my yoga mat- Nope. I have the fabric picked out though!


// Try yoga - Still working on this.

// Run 10x this month- No. Definitely did not happen.


// Use my 'big' camera a lot - I'd say I improved, but I don't use my big camera nearly as much as I should.

// Visit the farmer's market - No. Do you know how cold it is?!?!

// Make Thanksgiving dinner myself for the first time. Courtney will help, but still! - Accomplished! With style I might add. Everything was delicious, especially the vegan gravy!

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