December 2014 | Recep

When I moved to Philadelphia, I was so excited for December because I meant I got to head back to California for THREE weeks!

But first I had to get through finals week. It was the first time I made a schedule and plan of attack and stuck to it. I finished everything early and it was less stressful than I imagined. I think the licorice helped.

Courtney made delicious sandwich bread, in fact, it's my favorite bread ever. Anyway. We made veggie sandwiches and I'm constantly craving them now. The addition of Field Roast Chao cheese was the best part...finally a vegan cheese you can eat cold.

We visited the German Christmas Village in Love Park. There were so many fun little booths to look at, but my favorite was the Kathe Wohlfahrt "store". There were so many handmade wooden ornaments to chose from.

I made a few Christmas gifts...more Open Wide Zippered Pouches!

We went and saw the Wanamaker Organ holiday light show at Macy's.

WE FLEW HOME and went to Mayflower for dinner. 

The day after I got home, my family made tamales.

I painted a yarn bowl!

We decorated vegan Christmas cookies with my mom and Kevin.

Of course, there was Christmas!

We visited the Global Winter Wonderland at Cal Expo to see all the fun lights. Besides being super cold, it was really fun!

Courtney's brother gave us his King's tickets for a game. Man, I missed going to the games!

I painted more pottery! This time sheep themed.

Goodbye December, hello January and 2015!

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