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As I've mentioned before, moving to Philadelphia hasn't been the smoothest transition, but it is growing on me. Especially since as a big city, it attracts cool people and events. Like today! My new LYS (local yarn shop), Loop,  hosted the Brooklyn Tweed Fall 14 trunk show complete with Jared Flood himself.

Excuse the creeper picture I took on the way out.

I convinced Courtney to come with me and we ended up walking to the shop. I really wanted to see Ludlow in person and buy the print pattern for Jared to sign, but by the time Courtney and I arrived, there were no more Ludlow patterns left. On the bright side, I got to see the scarf in person, which (happily) reaffirmed my love for it. Ravelry instant download to the rescue!

Anyway, I loved looking (and feeling) all the samples. After Ludlow,  I especially loved the sweaters, but since I'm currently working on my Grace cardigan (with Courtney's sweater next), I didn't want to commit to another large project. Plus one of my October goals is to knit a hat, so I thought a hat pattern would be practical, but still fun. 

I ended up buying Hutchin after trying on the sample hats. It looked the best on me and only required one skein of Loft, which I obviously had to purchase. Duh! I picked out a skein in the 'Barn Owl' colorway. It's a nice neutral brown, which should go nicely with my winter jacket.

Jared was super friendly and genuinely interested in people, which I appreciated. He took the time to talk to us a bit and sign our patterns. It was knitting heaven!

Getting to attend a cool knitting event like this helped me not obsess about the fact that the New York Sheep and Wool Festival aka Rhinebeck is this weekend and I could've attended. It would have been short notice and involved a whirlwind trip to New York via rental car, but it was technically possible. After following a couple of the Rhinebeck hashtags (#rhinebeck, #rhinebeck2014, #rhinebeck14, and a couple of others) on Instagram today, I'm totally going next year. I've even set up a savings plan to make sure I have a nice little yarn budget.

// Lauren

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