Resolution Run | January 1, 2015

Even before we came home, Courtney, my mom, and I decided to sign up for a ten mile trail run on January 1st. Courtney seems to think that we convinced her to run against her better judgment, but she was actually on board. ;)

We got there a bit early to pick up our packets, since we didn't want to drive to Auburn on New Year's Eve. So many SacFit-ers ran the race...it was nice to see the group. 

Marissa was kind enough to bring her camera to capture us starting the year off right! I was trying to imitate Courtney's signature pose here, but it ended up being the best picture!

The race itself wasn't that hard, I was just severely under trained. I hadn't run ten miles since September, so I knew it wouldn't be easy. The first three miles were downhill so I didn't struggle as much as I normally do during the first three miles of a run/race. The first hill was hard, but I enjoyed miles six through eight. My mom was struggling a bit more and I was trying to positively encourage her to keep running. By the time we got to mile nine, she was cranky and kept telling us to go on. Since there was another SacFit-er with her, we did end up leaving her. Mile nine was the hardest part for me. It was pretty hilly and I just wanted to be done. When we finally saw the parking lot and then the finish line I was so relieved!

I was so happy that we could eat all the post race goodies. There was vegetarian minestrone soup, bagels, and fruit (bananas and oranges). Obviously I was all over that.

Personally, I thought this race would be especially fun to run since it started at ended at the finish line of AR50 AND a lot of our running friends would be participating. But after running the race, I'm not sure it's something I'd want to do again. It's a decent course and fun atmosphere, but the day after staying up late and indulging in too much food does not make for a super enjoyable run...even with training. We'll see!

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