November 2014 | Recap

November was a fun month filled with some exciting firsts in Philadelphia.

Courtney's mom sent us a huge box of vegan cookies! They are from Alternative Baking Company and absolutely delicious. My favorite flavor is (or was since I ate them all) Amazing Almond MuffinCookie with Anise.

I got to wear my Bean boots for the first time. I love love love them. 

I made a Open Wide Zippered Pouch for Heather's birthday. I love adding a tiny leather pull on the zipper. 

I made a Hutchin hat and love it! More info on this fun (and challenging) project soon! 

It snowed...sort of. There were teeny tiny snowflakes that melted before they hit the ground. I made Courtney go downstairs and take pictures with me. It was dark, so they didn't turn out super well...

We went to a craft fair and made free terrariums.

We watched the finish of the Philadelphia Marathon and decided to run it in 2015. It was amazing to watch elite runners finish a marathon in under 2 and a half hours.

I started a pair of new, thick mittens. I'm using this pattern from the Purl Bee and I think they are turning out pretty cute! 

Courtney and I cooked and enjoyed Friendsgiving....a collection of our favorite vegan Thanksgiving dishes. We then traveled to New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with her family. I love Amtrak, haha.

Goodbye November, hello December!

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