Hello Philly!

As of today, I've lived in Philadelphia for a whole month! It feels like I've already been here forever, but it's been a pretty busy month with lots of firsts, so maybe that's why? Courtney and I moved into our apartment, my brother was here, and I started grad school. Plus, I had to figure out public transportation and the ins and outs of Philadelphia. It's been fun exploring, but I am ready to head back to California for a visit. I miss it!

Things I like about living in Philadelphia: 
  • There are tons of cool vegan restaurants! Courtney and I have tried quite a few already, but we keep finding more 'must tries' as we explore the  city. We like Blackbird Pizzeria and HipCityVeg the best so far.
  • AND there is an AWESOME all vegetarian Chinese restaurant that is almost as good as Mayflower.
  • It's very walkable. I walk to class everyday and save my transportation tokens for Friday and weekend outings. While I could always buy more tokens, it's like a game to see how few I can use and how much I can walk.
  • All the history (and accompanying museums).
  • It's just a train ride away from so many cool places...DC, New York, etc.! I can't wait to travel.

 I'm not so crazy about...
  • The cigarette smoking. It's out of control. When someone in front of me is smoking as they walk, I have to walk super fast to get in front of them. It's gross. 
  • Since I'm not used to living in a big city...the trash and general dirtiness everywhere. This is when I especially miss the suburbs.
  • The Chipotle down the street SUCKS. They are unorganized so the line is always a mess, the employees are yelling at each other, and your food is cold before you even pay. I need a good Chipotle in my life. 
  • I'm having a pretty hard time finding a reliable source of good, fresh produce. The closest grocery store doesn't have the best produce and everything is still grown in California. Whaaaat?
  • No Target close by. I miss wandering the aisles of Target. It also makes shopping for household stuff (toilet paper, laundry detergent, other necessities) interesting.
  • The weather is weird. Probably because I hate the humidity.

Being outside my comfort zone is scary, but I know it's good for me. Here's to more adventures in Philadelphia!

P.S. Although I'm trying to get used to Philadelphia, I can't help but looks forward to lots of California adventures in December. 32oz soy chai from Dutch Brothers (don't judge), Taco Bell (really don't judge), GOOD Chipotle, Target!

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