March 2014 | Recap

I always feel like I don't do very much in a month's time, but after looking back at my pictures I'm always surprised at all the fun I had. 

At the beginning of the month, my mom, Courtney, and I took a little weekend trip to San Francisco. We had booked a hotel room for the Hot Chocolate Run, but Courtney's aunt offered to let us use their 'timeshare' instead, so we had a free night to use. We visited Fabric Outlet, Source (twice!), and the Ferry Building for Pepple's Donuts

At Source we ordered: Spicy Buffalo Bytes, Source Fries with rosemary sea salt and creamy Gilroy garlic sauce, the Awesome Burger, Smashed Potato Pie pizza, and Siracha Cluck Teriyaki, a chocolate covered Twinkee, strawberry filled Snowball, and Brownie Bite mousse.

The second time around, we ordered Spicy Buffalo Bytes, Baked Spinach Artichoke Fondue, Peking Quack Spring Rolls, Crisp Caesar salad with "chicken", and the Awesome Burger (my favorite).

We like to eat. :) Courtney wrote more about the food here.

Anytime we get vegan donuts, it's a treat and Pepple's were no exception!

 Of course, I came home with too much fabric and ate way to much, but it was worth it!

After a few stops at Starbucks stores around the city, we finally found the San Francisco mug from the 'You are Here Collection' and were on our way home.

I sewed a project bag for my knitting using Noodlehead's Wide Open Pouch tutorial. All the details here. [I haven't been doing much sewing, so any project is a big deal.]

I also found out that I could use Chiagoo interchangeable cables with my Boye Needlemaster set. I stopped using my Boye set because the cables suck, but I genuinely enjoy using the metal tips so I'm glad they are usable again.

In the middle of the month, Courtney and I ran the Shamrock'n Half Marathon! Because we had signed up for it before deciding to join the Ultra team, we had to creatively rearrange our running schedule to fit it in. We were supposed to run 8 miles on Saturday and 20 trail miles on Sunday, but we ended up running the 20 trail miles on Saturday and Shamrock'n on Sunday. All in all it was a great race...we ended up PRing and beating my mom's time! You can read all about it here.

On a whim Courtney and I decided to start a container garden on our front porch. Since we live in an apartment with very little outdoor space, we were pretty limited. We still managed to plant strawberries, a tomato plant, basil, zucchini, and cucumber.

 In preparation for the AR50, the Mothership made us all goody bags. They even had star confetti!

Goodbye March, hello April!

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