February 2014 | Recap

February was pretty great, just sayin'. Once again I didn't break out my DSLR enough so this is an all Instagram post.

We ran in Cool for the first time. 20 miles. Ran across the highway for the first time. Saw the Foresthill Bridge....not for the first time. Instagram worthy moment for sure.

After our 20 mile run, Courtney and I headed up to Tahoe. Her family was staying at the Ritz Carlton so we tagged along for the weekend.

It was snow-y and winter-y and very very pretty. The hotel was amazing and had it's own gondola down to Northstar Village (a little shopping area and ice skating rink).

I even went skiing for the first time in about 10 years. Surprisingly I didn't fall, even on intermediate runs. Although I was scared at the beginning, I have to admit that it was a lot of fun. Plus with all the trail running I've been doing, I wasn't sore at all.

I guess I jinxed myself by feeling good about running, because I fell for the very first time on a run. When I started trail running I knew it was only a matter of time before I ate it. I just always expected it to be on the trail, you know...with all the tree roots, rocks, and debris. Nope. I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and fell 3 miles into a 12 mile run. By mile 11, it was hurting to the point where I had to walk. The following Sunday (long) run was hard, I struggled with knee pain throughout the entire run. I decided to ice and take it easy that week. I missed a few midweeks, but by the next Sunday it felt great.

'When you share grocery shopping + cooking responsibilities with your roommate/best friend, sometimes you have to eat what they want.'

Courtney made me eat salad, which is definitely not one of my favorite foods, but with Beyond Meat Chicken-Free Strips and Annie's Goddess Dressing, I'll eat it. At least the picture is pretty.

She made up for it by splitting her gift certificate for a pound of See's Candy with me. We each got to pick out our own little half pound box of chocolates on Valentine's Day.

We also made heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day since it fell on a Friday and Friday is pizza night. 

 More trail running and dirty feet. I have permanent tan/dirt lines on my ankles now.

Courtney and I went to Stitches West in Santa Clara. I joke that it's my favorite day of the year. So much yarn-y goodness. A more detailed post is coming soon! 

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On a sock knitting kick. These are Hermione's Everyday Socks in Happy Feet

See the little pretzel stitch marker? Courtney made it out of clay...it even has flakes of salt on it. So cute! She wrote a post on how she made them here.

Ended the month with some homemade banana bread. I used this recipe from the Post Punk Kitchen and I love it. While it's not healthy, it's a nice treat and a good way to use up spotty bananas.

Goodbye February, hello March!

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