New year, new blog? As time passes, my posts get closer and closer together. Although almost three months isn't really "close".

New year's resolutions don't always come with a true commitment, much less results, but the idea of a clean slate and fresh start still appeals to me. Yes, time is arbitrary and January first only has meaning because the calendar tells me so, but just go with it. Well thought out goals and good intentions can't be that bad.

In 2012.....
+ I want to focus and use my time efficiently so that I can accomplish the things I want to.
+ Make exercise a priority (at least 30 minutes a day).
+ Keep a journal even if many of the entries are a simple sentence about the day.
+ Make handmade gifts.
+ Knit a black sweater that I love.

+ Be more mindful of what I consume (food, cosmetics, clothing, etc.)
+ Commit to being vegan.
+ Try new recipes, be adventurous!
+ Make lotion bars.

- Lauren

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