summer crafting.

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After seeing this quite some time ago and immediately pinning it, C and I made some candleholders for our new 'apartment' today. Just some tissue paper and mod podge brushed on a few jars we had been saving. With a twelve pack of colorful votives from Ikea, this was an easy project. That is if you don't count all the itty-bitty stars C cut out. Yay for: actually doing a project that I had bookmarked, using up materials, and recycling! 

recycling::jars 2

Basically, this blog is about to become a hip-hoppin' place because Courtney and I made a deal that if I started updating my blog on a regular basis she would get a blog as well (of course, if I made it). So there you have it, I have been bribed to start blogging again. 

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  1. Too many stars...ahhh! I'm glad we finally did one of our projects, but we need to do more! And yes, I expect you to blog everyday now =)